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Stephen Masullo

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Lenox, MA

(860) 857-7810

With the intention of helping us ALL Ascend to a Life/World of Living Love, COMPLETELY Null and Void of Fear. I use my site as a multimedia platform to Share Love/Harmony based Truth Propaganda. 

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Yoga ~ meditation ~ Thai Yoga ~ THERAPEUTIC FLYING

Yoga / Mediation / Therapeutic Flying Class

~ Privates / Groups

Bodywork (Thai Yoga and/or Therapeutic Flying)

~ Offering at Root Yoga Studio

~ I can travel to you with my Thai Yoga mat


Please contact me for pricing and to book a session, or with any questions regarding my services:

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*I don't usually pick up for number's I don't recognize, and I don't have a voice mail message, but I will get back to you if you leave your Name and Reason for calling at my earliest convenience. 🙏🏽

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