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With the intention of helping us ALL Ascend to a Life/World of Living Love, COMPLETELY Null and Void of Fear. I use my site as a multimedia platform to Share Love/Harmony based Truth Propaganda. 

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I will share and share and share. Seriously the message you’ve been spreading through my fb feed has drastically changed how much fear (🔫⚔🗡🚬☠🔪💣) I will allow on my feed. It’s helped me to notice the messages of hatred and chaos.
On the contrast, through what you have shared and me hitting the 👍🏻 button, I have found my feed filling up with beautiful love. (Love love love - Beatles) this has been. Wonderful for me, as I live alone and work in manufacturing where the language is typically... Chaos, the structure is chaos. I have been working to bring harmony in my little area of the world.
Thank you for sharing what you do.
— Maggie Baird ~ Aug. 22, 2016

I’m not sure if you remember me, but we met in June when you taught acro [at the] quarter life calling group. I just really want to thank you, sincerely, for being who you are.. You are a true earth angel. Hope it doesn’t sound silly but reading your posts every day lights me up from the inside out and reminds me of my mission in life, which is to heal deeply with my light and share my love with every being i come across.. to remind people that they are love and that they can manifest and create a life For themselves based off of their high vibrations and truest intentions.
— Mollie Lavender
Feeling like a very lucky girl...huge gratitude and big love to my roommate Stephen Masullo for an EPIC Thai yoga/therapeutic flying/energy healing session today. If you ever have a chance to work with him definitely do it....he is a very gifted healer and is remarkably skilled with moving prana in the body to relieve pain, muscular tension, stuck energy and emotional blockages-while bringing you into a deeply grounded and relaxed state of being. He even includes sound healing into the end of the session with his beautiful flute playing. The result? bliss! I can’t say enough. So grateful. 💚
— Karla Archambeault
Receiving a Thai [yoga] from Stephen Masullo this evening reminded me how deeply healing the best bodywork can be. How does this transpire? It’s all about presence and quality of touch.

Being held in Stephen’s presence was grounding, reassuring, and calming. He makes contact, moves the body, holds it in stretches, and massages it with strength and mindfulness. This translates to feeling safe, relaxed, respected—in other words, healed. And I’m not yet even talking about the bodywork per se! Ultimately, the mechanics of the bodywork are superfluous. In a sense, if you’ve got the presence and quality of touch down, it doesn’t matter what you actually do to the body. However, I also loved what he did!

As I refined my own work as a massage therapist and watsu practitioner, and received the occasional outstanding session over the decades, I’ve always observed this about bodywork. It was very cool to re-experience it this evening. It reminds me of that fortuitous first massage back in Cotati, California, circa 1985: I experienced massage as a form of love, and immediately knew I had to learn it.
— Barney Stein
Stephen is unbelievably talented and a beautiful and pure soul, flying with Stephen was one of the most special moments in my life that I will never forget, Thank you Stephen for sharing your creative process of yoga in such a therapeutic and comforting way . I look forward to flying with you again. blessings
— Eti Lee
Working a desk job, my hips are chronically tight. However, I’ve had the experience of a few therapeutic flying sessions, and after each session, my hips opened up and I felt levels of flexibility I’ve never felt before through conventional massage. A great experience.
— Peter Serian
I have been blessed to have Stephen Masullo assisting at several Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training modules that I have taken. At the first one we were learning more advanced inversions and Stephen Masullo was a great help for me in learning to do handstands without using the dreaded “donkey kick”. He has always been there with a warm smile, a kind heart and a helpful hand. His spirit is inspiring.
— Billy Hardy
Stephen’s ability to lighten the tension in your mind-body-heart is incomparable. His unique and well-practiced techniques made me feel safe and nurtured. Don’t pass up a chance to receive his care!
— Rachel Escobar
As a person who has experienced Stephen’s therapeutic flying, teaching, and thai [yoga], I can enthusiastically and truthfully say that Stephen’s strong, unwavering, incredibly gentle touch and presence is extremely soothing, nurturing and nourishing, no matter the context of his practice. This is a guy who clearly lives what he believes: the dedication and integrity of Masullo’s practice shines through his expertise. Blessed to know him and to have had him as a teacher and therapist!
— Rachel Laitman
Stephen’s calm yet driven soul, friendly smile and loving nature are all things that make him an excellent role model and teacher. His yoga classes dive deep, not only offering vigorous postures but meditation, pranayama, and breath-retention. Stephen likes to push the edge while having fun with yoga, offering [therapeutic flying] classes, and playing with freestyle flow within postures. Stephen shares new and old wisdom from a true place of compassionate witness.
— Joey Rugo Kripalu Volunteer 2014
When I first came to Stephen for a thai [yoga session], I had no idea what to expect, so I just surrendered and happy I did. He intuitively and carefully knew how my body needed to be nourished. My body and mind were in harmony after the session. I felt like I had experienced the most amazing yoga of my life!
— Jenna Robino (yoga enthusiast / voice over talent)
Hi, I am Morris from Toronto Canada...I had the blessing of being introduced to Stephen thru my Yoga Teacher Kripalu.
He guided our class thru a gentle flow of yoga poses that made the class breeze by....he played the flute at the end and beginning as well.
What a treat Stephen is to have as a teacher! I wish i were closer to his classes.
— Morris Gelbfarb
I feel so fortunate to have experienced flying sessions, thai yoga massage and yoga classes taught by Stephen. His wisdom, great humor (I’ll never forget him quoting ‘Dumb and Dumber’ one day in class) and unwavering support and compassion make for a truly wonderful experience. He makes the experience fun, authentic and engaging. Keep spreading the light!
— Julie Schmitz
Stephen’s classes are a smooth blend of playful challenge and sweet nurturing. His presence is heart-felt and safe. His knowledge of asana, meditation, and Ayurveda, is broad and easy to receive.
— Paul Harrigan