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Therapeutic Flying

What is Therapeutic Flying?

Therapeutic flying is essentially an inverted version of Thai Yoga, or like having someone put you through yoga postures while being inverted. The practitioner uses their feet to suspend the client, primarily at the top of the thighs by the hip crease. The use of gravity in this inverted form of bodywork helps to lengthen the spine and release muscle tension in a unique and fun way.


  • Help Relieve Back Pain
  • Help Improve Joint Health
  • Help Reduce Stress
  • Help Relax
  • Help Relieve Muscular Tension
  • Help Detoxify The Body/Mind/Spirit
  • Help Boost Immunity
  • Practice Play
  • Practice Surrender
  • Practice Being Held (Literally & Symbolically)


private session

During a Therapeutic Flying session the client will be put through a flowing sequence of postures with palming, thumbing and massage techniques added in to help further release muscle tension. The sequence will be customized to fit the needs of the client.

group class

Play, relax, and unwind! In this workshop, you will play with the subtle forms of communication, trust, surrender and the power of connection. We will start by warming the body through dynamic flow connecting partners through breath and movement. From there, we will move into groups of three to take flight!

Working a desk job, my hips are chronically tight. However, I’ve had the experience of a few therapeutic flying sessions, and after each session, my hips opened up and I felt levels of flexibility I’ve never felt before through conventional massage. A great experience.
— Peter Serian